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February 21, 2024

How much should you spend on Christmas presents?

Ah...the age-old question. Here’s how to stay within your means.

What's the key learning?

  • Create a spending guide by figuring out how much is left in your budget, then list down everyone you think you might need to buy for
  • Keep Christmas cheap by organising a Secret Santa with your friends
  • Gift thoughtful presents to close family and friends to help stay within your budget.

Ah...the age-old question. What’s your magic Christmas number? Nope, we’re not talking about how many Bon Bons you crack over the ham. We’re talking about the cost of your Christmas presents this year. 

The stats say that the average Aussie will spend around $374 on gifts this Christmas...But the thing is, there’s never gonna be a one-size-fits all amount.

So here’s how to stay within your means.

Have a spending guide - and a list (if you’re fancy)

Planning is the key to staying within your means at Christmas. And it can be fun, too. Grab a packet of your fave chippies and a Coke and sit down at the kitchen table with a pen and paper. 

Figure out what you’re working with (i.e. how much is left in your budget after you pay all your expenses to spend on gifts?) Then, write down everyone you think you might need to buy a gift for. Try and divide your budget into your gift recipients, but keeping in mind not everyone will be even.

Then, head to ol’ mate Google. They’ll be able to source you gifts within your particular budget. Create a list of what you’re buying for who, and head out to the shops to smash it out. 

Secret Santas are your BFF

If you have a big friendship group, why not consider a Secret Santa? These are a great way to keep Christmas cheap and catch up with everyone before the holidays.

Organise a lunch or dinner with your group, set a spending limit of say, $20, and that way you only need to buy one gift - but everyone gets one!

If you know not everyone is that close with each other, make it a dirty secret santa. This way, you just have to buy a randomised gift, and everyone gets the opportunity to steal the gift they want.

Make it sappy

A good gift ain’t always an expensive one. Ya know, it’s the thought that counts. 

If mum loves when you cook a meal for her, then give her an IOU for one of your classic carbonaras. If your mate got into gardening during lockdown, then gift them a pack of seedlings (for veggies they don’t have!). 

Really think about the recipient and things they like to do/things you’ve done together. This way, it’s a little more thoughtful - and stays within your budget.

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