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February 21, 2024

How this 33-year-old in Lake Macquarie on $115K spends his money

Everyone has a different background & experience when it comes to money. We ask young Aussies what they earn, what they spend & how hey feel about money.

What's the key learning?

In this edition, we’ve chatted to Ben* (for privacy purposes, this ain’t his real name). He’s 33, lives in Lake Macquarie and is a very good budgeter. He likes to spend his time training in Mixed martial arts, watching NBA and hanging out with his dogs.

Here’s how he spends his cash.

How old are you and what industry do you work in?

I’m 33 and I work for the government/emergency services.

How much do you earn overall per year?

I earn $115,000 gross + super.

Do you have any side hustles or a second job?

No side hustles for me.

How much does your rent or mortgage cost?

$1,103 per month for my mortgage. 

What are your ongoing expenses?

I share all my ongoing expenses like bills and memberships with my partner and we allocate $655 per fortnight. This includes:

  • Car rego
  • Insurance 
  • Compulsory third party insurance for two cars.

Do you have any debts?

Only the mortgage. I try to stay debt free.

How often do you eat out and what do you spend on food each week?

My girlfriend and I both get a 'fun money' account which is $300 each per fortnight. We spend roughly $300 per fortnight on groceries.

Do you spend any money on travel?

Yes, this money is down massively over the past two years given the pandemic. But, we have just booked the Sunshine Coast and Hawaii next year.

Do you put any money in savings? 

Yes, $1200 per fortnight.

Do you receive any financial help?


Did you worry about money growing up, and do you now?

I grew up in the Department of Housing with a single parent, so money (or lack thereof) was always an issue. These days, our budget is squared away and I don’t have to worry at all.

Do you have any money tips and tricks you'd like to share?

Three things:

  1. Avoid bad debt like the plague. 
  2. Have a good solid budget that you can stick to. 
  3. Automate automate automate, just make sure everything happens without you touching it.

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