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February 21, 2024

How this 25-year-old in Melbourne on $80k spends her money

Everyone has a different background & experience when it comes to money. We ask young Aussies what they earn, what they spend & how they feel about money.

What's the key learning?

In this edition, we’ve chatted to Anna* (for privacy purposes, this ain’t her real name). She’s 25, lives in inner-city Melbourne and loves going to barre, playing with her cat, trying new cocktails and learning to knit a cozy winter scarf.

Here’s how she spends her cash.

How old are you and what industry do you work in?

I’m 25 years old and I work in digital marketing.

How much do you earn overall per year?

I have an $80,000 yearly salary.

Do you have any side hustles or a second job?

Nope! Just the one.

How much does your rent or mortgage cost?

I pay $200 per week sharing a city apartment, which is a pretty good deal… But it’s about to increase 😭.

What are your ongoing expenses?

  • Phone bill: $30 each month.
  • ClassPass: $49.99 per month for credits for pilates, barre and yoga classes.
  • Soulara: $45 per week for five vegan meals delivered to my door.
  • Spotify: $50 a year as part of a family plan.

Do you have any debts?

Just HECS-HELP debt from studying a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations).

How often do you eat out and what do you spend on food each week?

Too often. I probably spend $60 on Uber Eats per week and eat out 2-3 times per week which probably costs about $60-$80 per week. 

Do you spend any money on travel?

I recently splashed about $380 on an Airbnb trip with friends to take advantage of the travel voucher scheme. I try to plan little weekends away where I don’t spend heaps, and bigger, more expensive trips are usually less than once per year. I should probably budget more money and time for travel!

Do you put any money in savings? 

Recently I have been atrocious at making sure I’m topping up my savings, as there have just been too many other fun things to purchase like concert/festival tickets and buying some winter outfits. 

But usually, yes, I try to put away a few hundred from every paycheque into my savings account. 

Do you receive any financial help?


Did you worry about money growing up, and do you now?

It was always a huge worry in my family since I can remember, even though my mum would try to avoid having too many ‘money discussions’ around me (but I probably would’ve appreciated the transparency). I knew enough to (usually) never ask or complain about things my friends might get that I didn’t.

Now, I feel very privileged that money isn’t something I need to worry about to live comfortably. I do struggle to plan or create goals for things that I never saw as achievable growing up, like buying my own house or buying a new car.

Do you have any money tips and tricks you'd like to share?

After trying to work out what I spend in order to answer these questions, I realise I need to be a bit more aware of my spending across different categories, so I’d just recommend doing a check every month or so to keep tabs on where your money is going! 

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