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February 21, 2024

Tax 2022: 5 things you didn’t know you could claim as a tax deduction

Max your tax return with these often forgotten deductions.

What's the key learning?

Is it just me, or does your brain go completely blank when it comes to remembering what tax deductions you can claim every single year? You’ve probably re-remembered the basics like home office expenses and work trips… but then there are the other things you may have purchased.. But didn’t know you can claim.

Lo and behold… here is the list:

1. Income protection insurance

Yep, you can claim the cost of income protection insurance. Technically, you can claim for the cost of ‘premiums you pay against the loss of your employment income’ (thanks, ATO).

There is a caveat though: it doesn’t count if you take out the insurance via your super fund. Other things that don’t count: life insurance, critical care insurance etc.                                                                                                              

2. Sun protection

Do you work outside? Find yourself constantly stocking up on sunscreen? You can claim that! It’s not just sunscreen either. If your job leaves you exposed to UV rays, you can claim for hats, sunglasses or even certain makeup with a high SPF rating. 

3. Union fees

Are you a union member? If your industry has a union and you’re paying to be a member, not only will you get some sweet representation, you can also claim the fees as a tax deduction. Just make sure you have receipts. 

4. Masks and sani 

Does your job put you face-to-face with the masses? If yes, then you can likely claim a tax deduction for the likes of masks, sanitiser and other personal protective equipment. Reminder: if your workplace reimbursed you, it’s not a deduction.

5. A ring light for your Zoom calls

As working from home becomes a long-term feature of our working lives, it’s becoming more common to invest in tools to help you look more professional on Zoom. So, if you bought a ring light, extra mic or fancy new headphones for work use, claim away baby!

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