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February 21, 2024

12 of the finest Christmas present ideas when you’re completely lost

On the first day of Christmas Flux Fam gave to you, 12 epic gift ideas to look after your family and your bank too.

What's the key learning?

  • The perfect pressie doesn't have to break the bank
  • Shout out to the Flux Fam for their qualitree gift ideas

Is it just me or does it always feel like the harder you try to find Christmas presents, the more difficult it actually becomes? 

You get worried about the mountain of Christmas shopping you need to do and then end up procrastinating and binging Christmas movies instead. Fret not! We hear you, we see you and we’re delivering hot gift tips from the Flux fam on a silver platter to you. 

Because nobody wants to do a mad scramble to buy gifts at the last minute.

Huge shout out to the incredible members of the Flux Fam who came through with some very qualitree and budget-friendly gift ideas that’ll have you exploding with inspiration in no time.

11/10 for the effort:

A homemade advent calendar of novelty gifts received by my fiancée. Every day in December leading up to Christmas had something ranging from socks, nerf guns and classic glass bottled coca-cola.

  • James, Banking Business Specialist

I bought my girlfriend clothes and wrapped them up nicely, placed them in a box with photos of us that I printed out (at the bottom). Put the card on top, sealed and tied a bow. She loved it!

  • Flux Fam Community Member

I made my sister Toni a triple layer homemade coffee table with inlaid artworks and glass top coverings. Masterpiece!

  • David, Position Trader

A little Christmas gag never killed nobody:

When I was ten years old, My parents gave me this massive gift, I was so excited to tear off the wrapping paper. But once I did... I found it was a plastic folding table. The disappointment was palpable, until they told me to flip it over, and I found my brand new shiny iPod taped underneath! Definitely my most memorable present.

  • Phillip, Aged Care Worker

Gifted my sister a night robe with her husband's face on it!

  • Flux Fam Community Member

Santamental and doesn’t break the bank:

This year I’m giving homemade vanilla extracts to family and friends. You keep the beans in them and just top up with vodka-the gift that keeps giving!

  • Cass, Geotechnical Admin

I made my then boyfriend a ‘photo a day’ book with photos of us throughout our relationship. It cost me probably $12.

  • Flux Fam Community Member

My mum writes a lot of blog posts so I printed all of them and turned them into a book for her.

  • Flux Fam Community Member

A cork board of photos and messages

  • Johnathan, Chef

I admired someone's self painted artwork at their home and really loved it, and then later I was gifted this artwork as a present!

  • Willow, Clinical Trials

I got pictures of Billie Eillish off Google and put them into a frame then gave it to my sister.

  • Flux Fam Community Member

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