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September 26, 2022

10 places you can get free stuff on your birthday

Everyone loves free sh*t, but finding it can be hella time consuming. Luckily, we’ve done the hard yards to find the best places to get birthday freebies.

What's the key learning?

Does anyone else constantly forget that you can just… get free stuff on your birthday?? Every single year someone asks me if I got a free coffee/donut/pet iguana and I have to tell them I failed to take advantage. 

Without further ado, let’s unveil the Flux master list of b-day-related free sh*t.

1. Hoyts Cinemas

Joining Hoyts Rewards (for free, obvs) will get you a free choctop or small popcorn while you treat yourself to a b-day film sesh.

2. Kathmandu

Let’s face it, Kathmandu’s puffer jackets are PRIMO but so are their prices. You can sweeten the deal with a $20 birthday voucher if you join their Summit Club.

3. Bonds

TBH, who doesn’t need new undies at least once a year? Sign up to the Bonds & Me loyalty program to get a free $10 birthday voucher… that’s at least half a pair of briefs worth.

4. San Churro

Free birthday churros? You DONUT want to miss it (okay, I’ll see myself out). You just need to be part of San Churro’s el SOCIAL club to qualify. 

5. Speedo

Did you take up swimming during iso (like me)? Wishing you had some decent goggles (I am)? Well, during your birthday month you can get $20 off some underwater equipment. Just make sure you have an online account with Speedo.

6. T2

I thought T2 only sold teapots and elaborate cups, but it turns out they love to brew you a good ol’ cuppa as well. Tea Society members are gifted a free drink on your big day.

7. Swarovski

Dazzling darlings Swarovski say they’ll give you a ‘birthday surprise’ if you’re in the Swarovski Club… It’s a bit of a secret, but we reckon it’s probably worth checking out.

8. Glue Store

Glue Members get a $10 voucher come b-day time, plus more dollars off depending on how much you’ve been spending. I once used my birthday voucher while buying a $500 leather jacket from Glue, and it made me feel a lot better about the financial outlay.

9. Mecca

Mecca’s Beauty Loop program has a bunch of different tiers, but skincare and makeup fans seem to agree that their mysterious birthday boxes are worth the effort.

10. Chatime

As long as you’ve got Loyal-TEA, bobba lords Chatime will give you a free Chatime tea of any size. Thanks, guys!

And hey, here’s a bonus one… just because, ya know, we’re helpful like that!

11. Boost

The baddies at Boost will give you a free juice on your birthday (or, two days before or after your birthday, in case ya can’t make it into one). All you need to do is be part of their VIBE club, and show your ID!

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